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Consilium ’17 – The NSIT Business Conclave promises to be amongst the best business festival in Delhi with the events being spread over a 3-day period from 17th – 19th February 2017. With an aim to widen our reach so as to be able to provide a platform for the young, talented, budding economists to test, exhibit and hone their financial knowledge and skills, The Finance and Economics Society of NSIT will be organizing it’s inter-college fest, for the third time, at an even greater magnitude following last two years’ success. The Finance and Economics Society of NSIT, fully aware of the engineering background that the college proudly boasts of, believes that interest has no boundaries and the determination to pursue counts the most. We look forward to your participation.



This conclave aims to put forward an opportunity for students to interact with experts in various fields ranging from finance and economics to business and management.

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VISION 2030: Saudi Beyond Oil

An opportunity to have some hands on experience of policy making for a project as big as this! Imagine yourself as among the key stakeholders...

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TAJ NSBC: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Get right into the shoes of the Operational Manager of the leading players of an organisation and analyse every part of...

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Spectrum: The Corporate Case Challenge

An exciting case study event where we put your analytical abilities and financial skills to the test. We'll see how well you can compare...

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Ultimate test of your understanding of market sentiment and stock market analysis. Bull or Bear market? Figure it all out and keep a sharp track on how your money is performing.

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Cartel Wars - A ‘Narcos’ based Strategy Event

Engage yourselves in Cartel Wars, a strategy based game that puts to test your skills and wit. If you believe you have what it...

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Start !t Up!

PNegotiate and recruit people to form your dream team, pitch your business plan to investors (think Sharktank), use your smarts and avert the impending crisis...

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