• Consilium

    Consilium’18 is the 4th edition of the annual Business Conclave of NSIT, organised by the Finance and Economics Society (FES) and promises to be one of the biggest and most competitive Business Conclaves in the Delhi circuit attracting participation from renowned colleges like SRCC, IITs, IIMs, etc. 

    The three day extravaganza begins with eminent speakers inspring the young business enthusiasts. The events organised during the conclave aim are under the umbrella of Finance and Economics, providing a platform for business enthusiasts to connect, interact and engage in debates and come up with ideas and solutions for business as well as everyday problems which is true to the vision of FES. It's not just an opportunity for young minds to prove their mettles but helps them hone their skills and broaden horizons.

  • Finance and Economics Society

    The Finance and Economics society of NSIT is a dynamic platform where people discuss and deliberate over business ethics, stock market and burning issues in the finance and economics world. It provides an unparalleled exposure to transcend through the lanes of economics and analyse the nitty-gritties of present-day trade.

    Undoubtedly,it stands out from the rest with its interactive approach and fun-filled methodologies that never fail to leave an impact. Apart from the regular knowledge-imparting sessions, FES also conducts regular workshops and seminars with a vision to expand the horizon of young minds and reach out to the masses. At FES, we believe that it's important that every individual, irrespective of field not only gets acquainted with basics of finance and economics but we aim to nurture an interest for the same.



Not the usual mockstock! We have quadrupled the excitement as the teams will be trading in 4 different markets with 4 different currencies and 1 common crypto currency. To add to the speculation game you can bet on a number of other derivatives!

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Consilium Case Challenge

Not one of the mundane case studies, on spot decision making, quick strategies, crisis handling, contemplated analysis, yes, it's all going to be there. It's for those who love to challenge themselves. The ultimate chance to prove your mettle!

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Netaji Subhas Business Case

Back with it's second edition, the Netaji Subhas Business Case is here with cases on actual start-ups, right from the CEO's desk. Brainstorming and research, it's all going to be there. Be ready for a battle to be the best of the consultants!

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A financial hackathon for those who want to revolutionalise the future of finance! Attendees will spend 24 hours coding, validating their ideas, networking and then demoing their hacks to a panel of VCs, executives and entrepreneurs to win the Ultimate title.

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‘Shatranj’, the most dynamic event of all will not just put your analytical and strategy skills at test but will examine how great an understanding you have with your partner. Already felt an adrenaline rush? Excitement at its peak? Well, Shatranj is all about that.

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Just like its unique name, this is going to be no ordinary quiz. The quiz is not premised on business facts, instead invigorates one to put on their thinking caps to solve this exciting labyrinth of questions and connect the dots to complete this event.

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Speaker Session

FES has always believed that sharing knowledge and deliberating on issues is one of the best way to grow as individuals. The Speaker Session, with a line of eminent personalities in the field of finance and economics is to foster this exact vision. Speaker Session is the heart of our fest as the young business enthusiasts learn from the invaluable experiences of nestors in various fields.

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